Mah Tovu has released four albums of Jewish Music. You can find them wherever you stream music. If you’d like to purchase CDs of Only This; Pharaoh, Pharaoh; or Turn It, please contact the band at [email protected]. If you’d like a songbook of their music, same… Their sheet music is available for digital download through oySongs.

1995 – Only This

2000 – Turn It

2002 – Pharaoh, Pharaoh

2019 – These Are the Things (Available Dec 10, 2019)

They have also published two books through Behrman House Publishing. Day of Days and Days of Wonder, Nights of Peace.

Kol Yisrael (We Are All Connected) – 2019
We Remember – 2018
Pharaoh, Pharaoh live, Kansas City, 2009